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Meditation School

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The picture shows: Amitabha Buddha, Buddha Limitless Light.  Click on this pictue in order to go to the sitemap.

                                       Buddha Amitabha, in Tibetan: Öpa’me, in English: Buddha Boundless Light.

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Tilogaard Meditation School

 - is located in the South of Denmark on the isle of Lolland. Here you may learn the classical Buddhist crafts of meditation and the informed view to apply for both meditation and after.
 Lama Tendar Olaf Hoeyer is the resident Dharma-teacher.



China seeks to dominate all buddhism in the World

NEW:  The ‘alternative’ 17th Karmapa Ogyen Dorje’s speech about not being a Karmapa

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Her går stregen og slutter siden ...
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