Om Mani Peme Hung
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The picture shows: Amitabha Buddha, Buddha Limitless Light.  Click on this pictue and the sitemap is shown.

Buddha Amitabha, in Tibetan: Öpa’me, in English: Buddha Boundless Light. Click on the picture and the sitemap opens.


in Danish phonetics: Tilogor

Tilogaard Meditation School is a Karma Kagyu Buddhist institution in South Denmark on the island of Lolland. The Danish Lama Tendar Olaf Hoeyer is the resident Dharma-teacher, editor and webmaster.

  by  Lama Tendar Olaf Hoeyer

Tilogaard Meditation  

 Here you may learn the classical Buddhist crafts of  meditation - and the informed view to apply for both meditation and after. Without meditation, Buddhism remains theory.


 The Danish section of the website contains much more information.
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Buddha Amitabha; tangkha painting from Tilogaard. Photo: Lama Tendar Olaf Hoeyer.

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