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 Tilogaard's website is a classical Buddhist teaching collection af a somewhat limited kind, since not all Dharma topics are covered in the pages on the site. There are many more informations in the Danish section. Even so, it is information  -  you cannot really learn from reading alone. Please seek out a proper Buddhist teacher for further instructions and a real transmission. If you only follow the teachings presented here, you will risk misunderstanding everything, so please remember and appreciate, that any true understanding and application of Buddhadharma comes from a good connection to a proper Dharmateacher.

 Also consider, that the true meaning af Buddhadharma only shines forth in the context of vipashyana, the classical insight meditation. Even so, the true result of Dharma practise comes not from actual meditation, but from your own insight into the nature of your own mind and into the workings of natural mind stream, meaning the  5 skandhas.

 The papers and instructions on Tilogaard's website are as accurate as deemed possible to the subject and in accordance with the general  Buddhadharma  of all 3 vehicles.  Never the less,  only human beings  are the writers  of these papers,  so errors and faults  might have crept in  and stayed unnoticed. For such occurrences I deeply apologize and take the whole blame on me, the editor, Lama Tendar Olaf Hoeyer.

Lama Tendar Olaf Hoeyer, sometime 2018; selfie.

What ever benefit you may gather from Tilogaard's website is due to the blessings of the late 14th Shamar Mipham Chögyi Lodrö Rinpoche, my teacher.


Tilogaard Meditation School is a non-profit organisation. Read more about it on the  Information page.



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 Please inform me, if you find any errors or faults on the website. I am both the writer of many articles and the editor of the other authors, and there are no one to help me produce this site. So I really do appreciate any corrections. Do not hesitate. Your criticism is most wellcome and could be very usefull, indeed.

 Tilogaard is not on Facebook, Twitter or other social media, that encourage ‘likes’  - ‘dislikes’ and in general harvest visitors data for the purpose of ‘big data’ manipulation and surveillance. Tilogaard is something completely different.
 To stay in touch: send instead an email. You are most wellcome.


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