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Lama Tendar Olaf Hoeyer
  The author of this page
  Tendar Olaf Hoeyer  is a
  Danish Lama or Dharma
  teacher  of  the  Karma
  Kagyu   tradition   since
  1994; his expertise is in
  classical meditation and
  applied Buddhist view.


Future of Tilogaard


Click here for the text of this page as a PDF file. The PDF files are better suited for printing on paper than the HTML files on the website. The PDF files contain the same text, they have page numbers and a more simple design for paper size A4.Presently, Tilogaard (pronounciation in danish: tilogor) is privately owned. On the 5th of October 2012, I formed an institution with the aim of donating the land and houses to this incorporation. The name is Tilogaard Meditation School (in Danish: Tilogaard Meditationskole).

 The transfer of ownership though, will first take place, when the mortgage is sufficiently reduced. That may take quite a while. In the meantime the institution of Tilogaard as a “legal person” will be the organising entity of the activities on Tilogaard. So donations specifically for Tilogaard Meditation School can now be received, without involving me personally. It is this institution that arranges seminars, retreats and so on at Tilogaard. This is only a formal change. Tilogaard is already a meditation school, in that teachings on meditation is the principal activity.

  Tilogaard  aims to evolve and develop both the meditation school, that it already is, and also as a so-called Refugium with various facilities for larger seminars and retreats. The traditional Danish concept of a ‘refugium’ means a place for quietude, calm, contemplation, study, prayer, meditation or related endeavours.
 People come to such places (mostly to Lutheran Christian refugiums, here in Denmark) in Denmark for a limited time to accomplish such projects, or to find peace in time of sorrow or new inspiration after a great loss. If Buddha or Buddhism is somehow involved in such individuals projects, they shall be welcome here.
 This concept of refugium will provide informal as well as formal retreat facilities, a library for study and a hall for Dharma seminars and group practise. This is what I work for to come together and happen at Tilogaard. At present though, there is no money for such an enterprise. This is never the less the aim.



The Dharmawheel at Tilogaard Meditation School. Drawing by Gerard Muguet.

   The institution Tilogaard Meditation School has been formalised in a constitution with Shamar Rinpoche as it’s protector. After the demise of Rinpoche, the new protector is the 17th Karmapa Thrinley Taye Dorje.

 Because focus is on the meditation school, government of the institution is divided in two, that is the Lama and the students and supporters of Tilogaard. In general, the Lama and eventually other permanent residents will rule on Tilogaard, but the students and supporters are associated with the institution in such a way, that they have some powers as well. Particularly so, when a new Lama is to be appointed, when I die and so on.
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  Tilogaard will continue as a Buddhist Meditation School and provide a residence for a Western Lama. When I die, another Danish Karma Kagyü Lama is supposed to take over the institution and residence here.




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Lama Tendar Olaf Hoeyer as a monk in the year 2000. The photograph was taken by Ove Lauridsen at the Karmapa's centre in Copenhagen.
   Lama Tendar Olaf Hoeyer, while still a monk

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