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       The frontpage

Information about Tilogaard
   About Lama Tendar Olaf Hoeyer (CV)
      Credentials of Lama Tendar
             (by Shamarpa)
The future of Tilogaard
   Photos of Lamas
      Photos of events and places
           Photograph from the air
     Yangpachen Monastery

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    Disclaimer or disclosure



Title of Shamarpa  (by Shamar Rinpoche)
  Condolence-letter to the Japanese
     (by Karmapa Thinley Taye Dorje)
       Shamarpa on ICF  (by Shamarpa)

Shamarpa in Nepal  (Amitabha Wang)
  Religion & politics  (by Shamarpa, 2010)
     Shamarpa & Dalai Lama  (by Shamarpa)

Monks and nuns of Rumtek petition Dalai Lama
              Earthquake in Sikkim 18-9-2011

Shamarpa’s book: the 10th Karmapa
   Buddha and Islam  (by Lama Tendar)

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   External links:  

Shamar Rinpoche’s homepage
  Bodhipath International (USA)
    Bodhi Path Curriculum
       Renchen-Ulm Bodhi Path  (Germany)

News from Karmapa
  The 17. Karmapa Thinle Taye Dordje
    Dhagpo Kagyü Ling  (France)
Monastery in France  (Kyndreul Ling / Le Bost)
  KIBI institute in India (Akademic)

     Karmapa Institute  (Lama Trehor, Nice)
Lama Teunsang  (Monchardon, at the Alps)

  Karme Tenpe Gyaltsen  (Sweden)
    Shangpa Rinpotje (Kirtipur, Nepal)
      Karma Shedrup Chöling  (’Drivhuset’  in
                           Jutland, continental Denmark)

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Tilogaard's Dharma wheel in this design is used as background image for many pages on the website.

Tilogaard's Dharma wheel in this design is used as background image for many pages on the website

4 farvet adskillelses linje


Click here for the download page, where you find the papers listed on this page as PDF files - for better printing on paper. You will also find additional papers i this archive.

Buddha Amitabha; tangkha painting from Tilogaard. Photo: Lama Tendar Olaf Hoeyer.



Refugewow                    (by Shamarpa)
 Dharmateachers 1       (by Shamarpa)
   Dharmateachers 2     (by Shamarpa)
      How to fasten or attach ‘mindfulness’ to the four bases or fields of application
                                         (by Shamarpa)
      About meditation    (by Shamarpa)
   7 on meditation          (by Shamarpa)
Enlightenment              (by Shamarpa)

Meaning of samaya  (by Shamarpa)
  Samaya means connection
   (by Tendar)
  Samadhi & shiné                      (by Shamarpa)
      Bodhi Path, Sutra & Tantra
                                                     (by Shamarpa)
Brian and consciousness   (by Tendar)
    Long life prayer for the 15th Shamarpa

The Diamond-like Resolve - Pamela White interviews Karmapa Taye Dorje  (PDF file)

Sukhavati Sutra    (translation, PDF file)
5 Skandhas              (by Tendar)
Sex with the Lama    (by Tendar)
Dzongsar Khyentse & the West
          Dalai Lama want Tulku reform

Shamarpa biographies
          (by Choedrak)
Biography of the 14th Shamarpa
 The demise of the 14th Shamar Rinpoche

Karmapa & Shamarpa
           (by Shamarpa)
   Kagyü Golden Rosary Lineage  
           (by Choedrak)
      Biography of the 16th Karmapa
           (by the 3rd Jamgon Kongtrul)

     Biography of Kalu Rinpoche
  Biography of Gendun Rinpoche
Biography of Tenga Rinpoche

            Various papers
About the two Jamgon Kongtruls
   The death of Jamgon Rinpoche
                (by Chögyal)
Ugyen Dorje cash row in the news
   Cash row in Dharamsala
                (by Shamarpa)

    Bodhi Path and Lama Ole Nydahl
                (by Shamarpa)
Statements by Shamarpa & Ole Nydahl

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 Karmapa Controversy

Two Karmapas met in France
  (by Tendar, October 2018)
15. Shamarpa approved by both Karmapas  (by Tendar, October 2019)

Two Karmapas (by Tendar, March 2011)

   Karmapa controversy
          (by Karma Wangchuk)
Hierarchy (by the 16th Karmapa)
           Letter to Robert Thurman
               (by Shamarpa)

K. S. Rao’s Report on Rumtek (PDF)

   The Rumtek lawsuit
          (by Nesterenko, PDF)
         Shamarpa on the 2 Karmapas

Inventory of Rumtek (by Shamarpa)
    Rumtek petitions Dalai Lama

China seeks to dominate all kinds of      Buddhism in the World  (or ‘Buddhist soft power - Chinese style’ PDF file by Arnaud Dotézac in Market Magazine)

         External link:
Karmapa prophecies (Sylvia Wong’s book)

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